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Harnessing the power of Azure to Scale your business on the cloud

Cloud Practice of Blue Dot Recruitment is an end to end cloud advisory and system integration service for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector. We specialize in providing our customers with comprehensive assistance in their migration to Azure.

We have an experienced and delivery focused team that is able to provide precise solutions to the clients. Our team has an abundance of academic, STEM skills, project management and entrepreneurial skills. We are able to quickly understand and adapt to the work culture of the client to allow for a better collaboration with client’s team.

Our guiding principles

Source nothing but the best resources in Azure

We provide certified people who are skilled in the following streams on Azure:

  • Azure DevOps or Jenkins for Continuous Integration to build apps on cloud and deploy to Azure to automatically built and test seamlessly.
  • Continuous Delivery – IaC or Infrastructure as code to ensure Code and Infrastructure are always in production deployable state.
  • Continuous Deployment with CI /CD
  • Creating environment definitions as JSON or YAML using Azure Resource Manager or Ansible
  • Using Chef Automate or Azure Policy to manage provisioned infrastructure
  • Storage, hosting and deploying Web Apps on Azure cloud
  • Infrastructure management such as Azure VM, VM Scale Set, EKS etc.
  • Database Management such as Azure Database, CosmosDB, SQL Server etc
  • Storage management such as Azure Storage, Azure Disks etc
  • Networking & Security Management
  • Backup Management
  • User Account Management
  • OS Administration
  • Database Instance Creation/Deletion
  • SQL Snapshot creation/deletion
  • Database backup creation/restoration
  • Managed Image Creation/Deletion
  • Azure Disks Snapshot Creation/Deletion
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