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We specialize in providing our customers with comprehensive assistance in their AWS journey. Most of our clients use us as their strategic advisory partner to assist them in their business transformation for adoption of Cloud. We cover each aspect of customer’s AWS journey and provide necessary advisory, management and delivery capabilities.

We have an experienced and delivery focused team that is able to provide precise solutions to the clients. Our team has an abundance of academic, STEM skills, project management and entrepreneurial skills. We are able to quickly understand and adapt to the work culture of the client to allow for a better collaboration with client’s team.

Our guiding principles

To make your business more competitive

If your business is new to the Cloud and have not yet explored AWS, we can provide the answers on how AWS can assist your business. We can show you how it is done and assist your business to fully benefit from the power of AWS tools and services.

For those businesses that have adopted AWS, we specialize in using AWS AI,ML, Analytics and DevOps. We encourage you to discuss your business challenges with us to enable us to provide you with custom AWS solutions to make your business more competitive.

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AWS Customer Journey

Our Cloud Practice will assist customers to understand AWS and its power, explore applications from AWS market place and provide necessary advisory services for adoption of Cloud by performing proof of concepts.

Our AWS certified Cloud Practitioners have extensive experience in BFSI sector and can easily relate to customer’s business challenges.

We provide end to end migration assistance to our customers in migrating their applications from on-premise to AWS. We also provide continuous monitoring and optimization of customer’s AWS resources.

We have expertise in AWS server migration, database migration, Web Application and Mobile development

Our cloud practice specializes in providing AI, ML and DL solutions based on AWS Sagemaker, AWS Polly and AWS Lex. We assist clients to increase their competitiveness by fully harnessing the power of AWS cloud AI and ML.

Our experience in BFSI differentiates us in this phase of Journey. Our STEM skills and extensive knowledge of AWS AI/ML stack enables us to provide value adding solutions to our clients.

We assist customers in their code re-factoring process as well as their DevOps processes to ensure that our customers business are transformed to derive the full benefits of AWS.

We provide DevOps expertise and full spectrum of managed services.

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